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Girls & Boys Club

Sundays @ 12:30


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We will have Muslim Nation Celebration this upcoming Sunday, November 18th for kids (13 years and younger)! Make a poster and bring a traditional dish representing your country (or countries). Kids are encouraged to wear the colors of their flag or in traditional clothing.

POSTER DETAILS: Include a map with your country(s) labeled. If applicable, tell us about important Islamic landmarks and history in that country, and give us the following facts: Languages spoken, climate, the country capital, and flag. You can include other facts or photos. *Poster must be able to stand by itself (a tri fold poster).

You can decorate your table space with artifacts, souvenirs, etc.

If you will be bringing a poster and dish, please sign up below for a booth space. I will be printing out a label and description for your table space so please make sure to fill this out.

Sign up for booth space will close on Saturday at 8pm.

Let’s educate & empower our kids…

Both the girl's and boy's clubs are aimed to give the kids a fun space where they can grow in their deen and continue developing friendships amongst their peers. 

To stay updated, text @nbickids to 81010 or fill out emergency contact form to join the whatsapp group. SIGN UP WEEKLY! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080b4aafab2ea7f49-nbic3

You MUST sign up (weekly) for your child to attend (so that we know how much snack to provide). If you are NEW to the program and never filled out the emergency contact form, please do so below (Required).

Girl's Club: (Sister Fatima Abdulrahman)

Regarding the girls, I want to cultivate a safe atmosphere where they are comfortable discussing hijab and the powerful women in Islam. The purpose of the club would be to give them all a place to feel empowered and learn while having fun. The girls also help pick themes that interest them, do the research, and discuss. 

Boy's Club: (Brother Ammar Zuriki)

One of the most important things in a man's life especially in today's world is the friends he picks at a young age. They are the stepping stones towards the road of guidance or misguidance in their life. Our ultimate goal and purpose with the boy's club is to create a healthy environment where the boys are able to make these friendships and give them a chance to have fun while at the same time creating a love for the masjid and the deen. 

Since the kids are usually overflowing with creative projects, this is also the perfect environment to let their ideas manifest. With our efforts, inshaAllah their love for the deen, the masjid, and friendship will grow. 


13 and younger

*Older kids can request to volunteer, please send an email to fatima.abdulrahman@safinasociety.org.


  1. Dhuhr (12:30pm)

  2. Snack (Brother Ammar/Fatima will give a small talk at this point)

  3. Halaqa

  4. Activity

  5. Discussion 

  6. Pick up (1:45pm) 


October 14, 21, 28

November 4, 11, 18

December 2, 9


NBIC back room (girls) & NBIC gym (boys)


Fatima Abdulrahman: fatima.abdulrahman@safinasociety.org - 732-853-6793

Brother Ammar Zuriki: ammarz77@yahoo.com