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Sundays @ 12:30

Let’s educate & empower our kids…

Bismillah. The NBIC Girl’s & Boy’s club is aimed to give the kids a fun space where they can grow in their deen, cultivate love for Allah s.w.t. & His Messenger ﷺ, and continue developing friendships amongst their peers in the masjid. With our efforts, inshaAllah their love for knowledge and ‘ilm will grow. 

Ages 13 and younger *Older kids can request to volunteer, email mynbic@nbic.org

Location NBIC gym

Time 12:30pm-1:45pm *times may change due to Dhuhr prayer

Contact mynbic@nbic.org - Sister Fatima Abdulrahman & Brother Ammar Zuriki

Price Free

To stay updated, follow these 3 steps:

1. Fill out emergency contact form. You can choose to enter the NBIC Girl’s & Boy’s Club Whatsapp. (ONCE)

2. Text @nbickids to 81010 to receive text updates and reminders about events. (ONCE) 

3. Sign up on weekly sign up form if attending. You can sign up for multiple sessions at once & ahead of time. (WEEKLY)


Feb 10 Cookie Day

Feb 17 Honey Day

Feb 24 Card Craft Day

Mar 3rd Entrepreneur day

Mar 10 Game Day

Mar 17 No Club Meet

Mar 24 Parent Appreciation Day

Mar 31 No Club Meet

April 7 NBIC Kid Olympics

April 14 No Club Meet

April 21 Earth Day Celebration

April 28 Ramadan Prep

PREVIOUS EVENT: Hot Chocolate & Fort Day (December 9th)

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This upcoming weekend is the last kid’s club meet for the year 2018. NBIC wishes everyone an amazing winter break!

Final NBIC Girl's & Boy's Club event of the year: Hot Chocolate & Forts!

Halaqa Topic: Zamilooni زملوني - The Story of the First Revelation

Ages 13 & Younger, December 9th, 12:30-2:00pm

The students will get hot chocolate and build forts. Rules: Bring clean blankets and sheets (*MUST be washed before bringing to the masjid). Feel free to bring items to make your fort comfy and cozy, like pillows and lights. For hot chocolate, feel free to bring your favorite mugs! (Cups will also be provided). You can bring books and flashlights, or any toys that you like to play with on your free time.

There will also be a prize for the best fort!

More about Our Mission

Regarding the girls: I want to cultivate a safe atmosphere where they are comfortable discussing hijab and the powerful women in Islam. The purpose of the club would be to give them all a place to feel empowered and learn while having fun. The girls also help pick themes that interest them, do the research, and discuss. 

Regarding the boys: One of the most important things in a man's life especially in today's world is the friends he picks at a young age. They are the stepping stones towards the road of guidance or misguidance in their life. Our ultimate goal and purpose is to create a healthy environment where the boys are able to make these friendships and give them a chance to have fun while at the same time creating a love for the masjid and the deen. 

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