• Half way through the night & yet still so many people here masha'Allah.

    11 hours ago

  • Such a wonderful gathering today masha'Allah. Let's try to make tonight a night of peace, a night of worship, and a night of reflection insha'Allah!

    13 hours ago

  • Among these nights is Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power) – a night more blessed than a thousand months. Join us at NBIC for reflection, Taraweeh, dhikr, Salat al-Tasbeeh, and Qiyaam al-Layl, all part of our wonderful program tonight insha'Allah!

    19 hours ago

  • Mark your calendars!!

    19 hours ago

  • Keep calm and recite Qur'an. Alhumdullilah for Qari Abdul Basit's amazing recitation.

    22 hours ago

Salat Times

Fajr 10 min after times come in) Duhr 1:15 Asr 5:30 Magrib On time Isha 10:15pm Qiyam ul Layl: 2:30am Jumah 1:10 2nd Jumah 2:15

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