• We do not anticipate ticket sales at the door. Online sales will close on Friday!!! http://hijabfest.org/buy-tickets/

    September 16

  • Here's the the complete line up of speakers for Hijabfest!! www.hijabfest.org

    September 14

  • Want to make a difference? HijabFest is partnering with WhyIslam on a "Hijab Drive." Bring in lightly used or new hijabs to donate to our Mexican Muslim sisters.

    September 13

  • Ladies. Zumba class tomorrow 8:45 am.

    September 13

  • Change of subject for Family Night. It will be on the nature of khilafa in Islam, in light of the recent abuses on this subject.

    September 12

Congregational Prayer Times

Fajr 6:00am Zuhr 1:15 Asr 5:15 Magrib On time Isha 8:30pm Jumah 1:10

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