• Family Night with Dr. Shadee Elmasry after Maghrib إن شاء الله ! Followed by youth itikaf!!

    22 minutes ago

  • Women's Zumba tomorrow 8:45 am

    38 minutes ago

  • This Sunday - End of Summer evening on the beach - with special guest renown Munshid: Abu Bishr from Morocco and his group. For the whole family! Bus departing from NBIC at 5pm. Register today (whether you are taking bus or not): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KNElahISuhhdT5uo4JUirY6eIV4IU_QMsGGRPot3ETo/viewform

    Please fill out form below so we know how many people will be attending (whether you are taking the bus or not).

    5 hours ago

  • Family Night - Tonight at NBIC - - After Magrib. Youth Itikaaf starting after Salatul Isha.

    7 hours ago

  • Muslims are always asked about the age of Aisha... How could she have been married so young?? Dr. Shadee Elmasry answers that question here: https://youtu.be/GklHwoJDlhg

    Why did the Prophet ﷺ marry Aisha at such a young age? Ultimately, this question leads us to a greater, more foundational question. Namely, what happens when...

    August 27

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